Durabolin Profile

Durabolin is one of the most common trade names associated Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate; often referred to simply as NPP. A steroid that can be used for both cutting and bulking purpose, it relationship with lean mass production will typically reserve it for off-season cycles in most cases; there are exceptions in the hardcore steroid world. Very similar to the popular Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone-Decanoate) steroid, Durabolin is the same steroidal hormone with a smaller ester attached. As the ester is smaller, its initial activity time will be faster, but its overall active duration will be shorter lived than the Decanoate version. In the modern era, this is rapidly becoming one of the preferred Nandrolone forms; in-fact, there are many who prefer Durabolin over its Deca-Durabolin counterpart. With both Durabolin and Deca-Durabolin available, it truly makes other Nandrolone based steroids obsolete; with this in mind, let’s discover the traits of Durabolin and ensure you a successful supplementation experience.

Durabolin 101:

Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate is a 19-nortestosterone (19-nor), which refers to the carbon atom being removed from the 19th position of the testosterone hormone. Carrying an anabolic rating of 125 and an androgenic rating of 37, all ratings are measured against testosterone’s 100 in each category, Durabolin is definitely more anabolic, but this particular rating is deceiving. With a naturally low androgenic nature, it appears to provide androgenic traits slightly higher than the nature implies; not by a lot but it is there. Carrying a strong progestin nature, Durabolin does not aromatize heavily; this means most of the weight gained due to use will be lean tissue; however, it does aromatize. Durabolin aromatizes at about 20% the rate of testosterone, and as such aromatizing effects can occur.

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An extremely potent anabolic steroid, Durabolin carries six of the primary anabolic steroidal traits; these are not its only traits, but these six represent the ones with the most power and the ones largely responsible for the progress you make. Such traits include:

- Increases Nitrogen Retention: all muscle tissue in the body is comprised of approximately 16% Nitrogen and the more retain the more anabolic we remain; anabolic in-regards to building lean tissue as well as preserving it in states of stress. Conversely, a Nitrogen reduction will lead to a catabolic atmosphere, but Durabolin prevents such an occurrence.

- Increases Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1): IGF-1 is an extremely powerful peptide hormone that is highly anabolic in nature and plays a role on nearly every cell in the body. Further, IGF-1 plays a large role revolving around the regulation of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and another potent peptide hormone of tremendous anabolic and metabolic enhancing properties. As by its nature, the Nandrolone hormone increases the natural release of IGF-1 throughout the body and everything else falls into place.

- Increases Red Blood Cell Count: Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the blood, and as the count increases there is more available to do the work, and therefore the blood carries a higher oxygenation level; this is largely what will improve muscular endurance.

- Increases Bone-Mineral Content: this refers to the strengthening of the skeletal structure; when bone mineral content is low, bones become brittle and eventually conditions such as osteoporosis will develop. This trait will be important to remember in the benefits section as it plays a role with collagen synthesis that is intrinsic to this hormones nature, and it will also dispel a myth.

- Increases Collagen Synthesis: the primary protein of all connective tissue is Collagen; ligaments, tendons are all dependent but it even stretches to bone density and cartilage. Further, the connective tissue inside the muscles, what holds it together is built around Collagen and as synthesis is increase the rate at which cells build this protein is increased.

- Enhanced Metabolic Rate: through all of the above traits, the metabolism is stronger; no, this steroid does not bind strongly to the Androgen Receptor (AR) as many tend to believe, but it will still promote enhanced metabolic activity and cannot cause fat gain.

While these are the traits, there’s one more important factor to look at in-order to understand the basic nature of Durabolin, and that is the Phenylpropionate ester. The Phenylpropionate ester is one of the smaller ester we have available; not nearly as small as Acetate or even Propionate, but it is much smaller than traditional esters like Enanthate and Cypionate and remarkably smaller than Decanoate. As this is the case, on a per milligram basis Durabolin is more potent than Deca-Durabolin as the ester takes up less mass in the compound; the larger the ester the more of the total molecular weight of the compound it will hold. Of course, dosing can be adjusted with either form to ensure you receive an adequate amount of Nandrolone, but there are other factors of consideration. Durabolin carries an active half-life of approximately 5.5 days, and this means injections must take place more frequently than with larger ester versions. Most who supplement with this steroid will be performance enhancing athletes, and a three times per week to every other day schedule is normally recommended. For therapeutic use, one injection per week will normally work, but if large doses are prescribed for some reason you’ll probably want to split it into two equal doses.

Benefits of Durabolin:

There are numerous benefits to Durabolin supplementation, and by simply understanding its nature you’ve probably figured out quite a few. Either way, muscle tissue growth is this steroids primary benefit; that shouldn’t be too surprising as it’s sometimes used in medicine to treat muscle wasting diseases, but in a therapeutic sense it serves another purpose far more often. First and foremost is in the treatment of anemia; the most common type of blood disorder that is simply a result of a low red blood cell count; recall from above in the primary traits and you’ll recall increasing red blood cells is one of the things the Nandrolone hormone does best. Most commonly, varying Nandrolone hormones will be used to treat anemia of renal insufficiency; a condition of anemia caused by kidney failure. Beyond direct therapeutic treatment, Durabolin can be used as a therapeutic rejuvenating agent as it will promote the healing of joints and in many studies tendons and ligaments. Further, by its potent anabolic and metabolic enhancing nature it can radically transform one’s life with even a low to moderately low dose. Of course, this is where things get a little touchy; when you talk about therapeutic rejuvenation or what many refer to as performance medicine you are entering a grey area and it is hard to determine where performance medicine ends and performance enhancement begins. It’s important to remember; we are talking about a testosterone derived anabolic steroid and the body is well-accustomed to testosterone; in-fact, the body actually produces trace amounts of Nandrolone naturally and this brings us to a point. The line of performance medicine and performance enhancement is hard to define, but a good line to draw would be the individual’s baseline of naturally produced Nandrolone and Testosterone at their highest peaks. Of course, to do this you’d need extensive blood results throughout the patient’s adult life and this is rarely a reality, but it can indicate on average where the line will be. As far as how far past this line it should extend? That is an argument and discussion for another day; here we’re only concerned with facts.

Then we enter into the realm of direct or true performance enhancement, and while this will be where we see Durabolin used more so than anywhere else, we will also see through such use that there may be many other uses for this steroid in a therapeutic or performance medicine capacity. Through performance enhancement, which will require supraphysiological doses there are numerous traits to be had; they include:

- Increased Muscle Mass: largely due to the enhanced nitrogen retention and IGF-1 production and release – gains in growth will not be tremendously fast but they will be steady and constant and of an even an maintainable rate – it’s mild androgenic nature also plays a role

- Increased Muscular Endurance: partially due to the enhanced anabolic atmosphere but will largely be due to the large increase in red blood cells – you will not tire as fast and you will be able to push harder and longer through your desired or needed task

- Decrease in Joint Pain or Discomfort: due to the increase of bone mineral content and enhanced collagen synthesis – the common perception is that the Nandrolone hormone forces water or some sort of lubricant into the joints, but this is as logical as saying water can start a fire – collagen synthesis plays the biggest role and as this connective protein strengthens the joints a great deal of stress is taken off thereby protecting from or relieving injured or stressed areas

- Moderate Increases in Strength: Durabolin is not well-known for promoting strength to a significant degree; however, it can play a role – with the tremendous anabolic atmosphere, increased endurance the recovery notes below your strength will go up – couple Durabolin with another potent anabolic and it is sure to increase significantly

- Stronger Bones: partially due to collagen synthesis but largely due to the increase in bone mineral content – your bones become stronger; this largely speaks for itself – stronger bones are also more apt to support the connected muscle tissue; an added bonus

- Increased HGH Production: HGH is highly anabolic and one of the ultimate metabolic enhancing hormones we have in our body or at our disposal through synthetic Somatropin – this increase is due to the IGF-1 promotion Durabolin displays by its natural mode of action

- Decreased Body-Fat: due to all factors above and below – for periods of growth, this will mean we can build more lean tissue with less body-fat accumulation – for periods when body-fat is being reduced, this means we can burn more fat with less muscle tissue loss; tissue loss being the most common problem when calories are below maintenance yet necessary to burn body-fat

- Enhanced Rate of Recovery: due to all of the above factors – you will hear faster from your training or any other strenuous activity you place on your body – some studies have shown the Nandrolone hormone can heal many injuries that already exist through supplementation such as muscle tears, ligament or tendon injuries and even fractured bones

- Tissue Preservation: due to all traits – tissue is preserved regardless of the type of stress that is endured – it must be noted; in extreme caloric deficits, Durabolin may not be able to protect your lean tissue for very long

Side-Effects of Durabolin:

The side-effects of Durabolin can largely be defined as possible, not guaranteed and the rate of probability will be dependent on dosing and individual response. Even so, there are two side-effects that are guaranteed in all men who supplement; two side-effects that exist interconnected but are of no concern when proper supplementation practices are followed. As for women, virilization is almost guaranteed if you supplement, and as such, Durabolin use or the use of any Nandrolone compound is not recommended for female use. As for the possible side-effects, they will largely revolve around aromatization and this steroids progestin nature, but again, dosing will play a role as well as your genetic predisposition to certain conditions and overall toleration of the hormone. It should be noted; such possible side-effects are extremely rare when therapeutic doses are applied and will usually only be a concern for those of a performance enhancing nature; the possible side-effects include:

- Gynecomastia: gynecomastia or male-breast enlargement is normally associated with high levels of aromatization; aromatization referring to the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. While this is the most common factor, progesterone can also play a role; especially in individuals who are sensitive to the condition. Although a low aromatizing nature, as it does aromatize and carry a progestin nature Durabolin can cause gynecomastia; however, all hope is not lost. The use of an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) will protect you; AI’s inhibit the aromatase process and reduce the body’s estrogen levels; they will even combat progesterone. Without question, your top choices in AI’s for this purpose will be Anastrozole (Arimidex) or Letrozole (Femara); as a side-note, Selective Estrogen Receptors (SERM’s) will not combat progestin induced gynecomastia.

- Water Retention: the progestin nature plays a role, and while the aromatization rate is low it is large enough to cause excess water retention. Once again, AI’s can offer protection, but there’s more to be said. Overeating is the number one cause of excess water retention, especially carbohydrates and when steroids of this nature are present you will be more susceptible. Use an AI and control your carbohydrate intake and water retention should not be an issue.

- High Blood Pressure: the steroids nature can play a role and as such an AI can offer some protection, but your dosing and genetic predisposition to high blood pressure will play the largest role. Doses above 400mg per week are almost guaranteed to increase blood pressure and it should go without saying; if you already suffer from high blood pressure you should not supplement with Durabolin; in-fact, you probably shouldn’t supplement with any anabolic steroid. If your blood pressure is proper and you use an AI, the best thing you can do is to continue to live a lifestyle that promotes a healthy blood pressure; do this and most men who supplement responsibly will be fine.

- High LDL Cholesterol: the steroids nature can play a role and as such an AI can offer some protection, but your dosing and genetic predisposition to high cholesterol will play the largest role. Doses above 400mg per week are almost guaranteed to increase cholesterol and it should go without saying; if you already suffer from high cholesterol you should not supplement with Durabolin; in-fact, you probably shouldn’t supplement with any anabolic steroid. If your cholesterol is proper and you use an AI, the best thing you can do is to continue to live a lifestyle that promotes a healthy cholesterol level; do this and most men who supplement responsibly will be fine.

- Low HDL Cholesterol: even low performance doses can have an impact on your HDL cholesterol; this is your good cholesterol which is responsible for moving lipids through the blood. While excess doses can have the worst affect, the best thing you can do is once again live a healthy lifestyle and supplement responsibly. With responsible supplementation and a healthy diet that includes plenty of omega fatty acids, while your HDL levels may remain slightly lower than normal they will not fall into a problematic range.

While the above are only possible, as we mentioned there are two interconnected side-effects of Durabolin that are guaranteed in all men who supplement; testosterone suppression and testicular atrophy and this will hold true for performance and therapeutic use. 100mg of Nandrolone, one 100mg dosing is enough to suppress all of your natural testosterone production, and as testosterone is produced in the testicles and such production has been suppressed your testicles will atrophy. No, your testicles will not vanish or disappear, but they will lose some of their fullness. As this is the case, supplementation will assuredly lead to a low testosterone condition, and such a condition is not only bothersome and problematic it is extremely unhealthy; something must be done. For this reason, it is imperative you supplement with some form of exogenous testosterone; the form is largely of no concern, all that matters is you provide your body with the testosterone it essentially needs. Do this and you will not have a problem, but there’s also a little more good news. Once you discontinue your Durabolin use and all anabolic steroid use, assuming you have supplemented in responsible fashion and all the hormones clear your system your natural testosterone production will begin again, and your testicles will return to their normal size.